Original recipe – The first ever – For your better day


It all starts with carefully sourced ingredients. In order to preserve naturally fresh taste of SWEEX we choose the best quality potatoes, rapeseed, sunflower oil and natural spices.


Yes, SWEEX are sweet. However, we make sure they only contain a necessary small amount of sugar that serves as a natural preservative too. That is also why we don’t need to (and don’t want to) add any artificial preservatives, tastes, allergens and salt. Thanks to good old family recipe. Yummy!


From family tradition to the world market. The first SWEEX-lovers fine-tuned the recipe decades ago. Today, we offer our secret to you. With delicate vanilla, intensive cocoa, sweet-scented cinnamon and seductive caramel. Just choose your favourite!

Sweex with us 
and stay updated.